Are grades alone enough to stand out among peers?

Building our children’s success with competitive resumes!

Standing out among peers may lead to a higher chance of being accepted into an Ivy League university, or a head start in career opportunities. Are grades alone sufficient to achieve that?
A survey shows that recruiters are looking beyond grades. Many modern employers are following a global trend towards more holistic hiring processes, beyond just grades as a deciding factor.
Mentoring and coaching our children at an early age to discover and engage in their career interests is a critical starting point to build their competitive resumes for the Future of Work! In the process, our children can learn to develop the optimal match between their career interests and their talents/skills, confidence and work values. These are important to our children in preparing them for a workplace of the future as follows:
– Identifying the career interests will be necessary to sustain our children in their passion for lifelong learning, and to continuously and proactively invest in upskilling and progress in their career development.
– Nurturing skills confidence will enable our children to develop their aptitude in enduring multiple intelligences and emerging digital intelligence that are in critical demand by the leading employers in the future workplace.
– Cultivating work values will enable our children to develop the moral compass to guide their actions, and the vital driving attitude to create the sustainable innovations for the solutions of tomorrow.
Want to learn more? Reach out to us! Mind & Hand is an EduTech platform that partners both educational industry players and private sector business employers to offer our students programmes that keep pace with technological change and that are relevant to the industry. We hope to empower our students with the skills, confidence and perspective to navigate the global skills crisis and prepare them for a workplace of the future.

By Jonathan Lee –
Jonathan is a proud parent of two and he is a fervent advocate of future-ready education


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