Are parents focusing on the right tuition subjects?

BACK TO BLOG We are all familiar with the Singapore Dream. Study hard, get good grades, obtain a good degree, land an “iron rice bowl” job as a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. That is the recipe for success that most of us grew up with. As parents, we want only the best for […]

Mental health issues: a child’s potential silent killer?

BACK TO BLOG Confined to four walls, adapting to the unfamiliar work-from-home routine, chasing after mischievous children, perpetual house chores – these are now familiar scenes among working parents, thanks to our extended Covid-19 Circuit Breaker stay-home order. We suddenly find ourselves in unchartered territory. It is no wonder then that more calls are being […]

Cultivating early learners

BACK TO BLOG Increasingly, parents and educators in Singapore are seeing a widening proficiency gap when children transit from preschool to primary school. One of the key reasons why this is increasingly so could be due to the fact that the standard and hence expectation of competency at primary 1 level rises over the years, […]