Spend fewer years in school, says Thailand’s richest man

BACK TO BLOG The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is increasingly changing and intertwining the ways we live, work, play and learn. The disruptive impacts of 4IR on our children’s education today and the future of work contribute to the global discussion of “Skills Crisis” which is of key concern to many key stakeholders, especially for […]

Could mastering the wrong skills deprive future opportunities?

BACK TO BLOG Immunise from the skills crisis in the Future of Work The skills crisis is a global phenomenal outcry of increasing high unemployment among tertiary youths due to high-skills shortage as driven by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). With 4IR increasingly transforming and interconnecting the ways we live, work, play and learn in […]

Why you should start playing board games with your children

BACK TO BLOG Running out of things to do during the extended Covid-19 Circuit Breaker? Board games can be a good activity for you and your children to spend time together. But did you know that playing board games is also a good way to help your children develop life skills, such as patience, teamwork, […]

Teach your toddler to learn to set the table

BACK TO BLOG By providing a place mat with markings for the placement of the various cutlery items, we can teach our child how to set place settings at the table as young as 18 months old. By giving them a small fork, spoon, bowl or plate and a small glass, easy enough for a […]