Cultivating early learners

Increasingly, parents and educators in Singapore are seeing a widening proficiency gap when children transit from preschool to primary school. One of the key reasons why this is increasingly so could be due to the fact that the standard and hence expectation of competency at primary 1 level rises over the years, resulting in differing degree of adaption required from our children when they enter primary 1.
At the preschool level, while most of us agree that our preschools, by at large offer a holistic and wide range of curriculum to our children, what could perhaps be missing is the ability to surgically help some of our children who might be falling behind. While this is in our opinion certainly no fault of our preschools (which our platform has the privilege of working with many of them), given the sheer size of the class, there is a limit on the time and resources that a school can commit to each child. Nonetheless, there is a gap to be addressed.
Pondering over this for a while now and working diligently with various industry players in bid to look for a solution, MindnHand is pleased to launch its first in-house curated primary school preparatory program for K1 and K2 children. This programs, designed and executed by ex- and present pre-schools teachers, integrates the requirements of the Singapore primary school syllabus with elements from Montessori and Reggio Emilia methodology.
The program will provide customised learning for your child by picking him/her up at wherever he/she is and expand on the notions he/she already acquired. This approach is designed not just to satisfy the academic requirements of our system. but rather and more importantly, it will equip our children with the ability to learn from their environment, wherever and whenever they may be. It promotes the ability to not only self-learn but also cultivates a genuine love and passion for learning itself.
This said, to many of us, words like “curated” and “customised” would have a natural association with words like “expensive” and “unaffordable”. While this may be the case in many instances, at MindnHand, we believe good education doesn’t have to be expensive and that it should be made accessible to as many children as possible.
So if you are keen to find out more, please visit us on our website at or drop us a note on our facebook page @MindnHandSG. We look forward to this wonderful and exciting journey with you and your child!
MindnHand is an EduTech platform that partners both educational industry players and private sector business employers to offer our students programmes that keep pace with technological change and that are relevant to the industry. We hope to empower our students with the skills, confidence and perspective to navigate the global skills crisis and prepare them for a workplace of the future.
By CK Ong

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