Stress-free meal times!

All parents know the difficulties in getting your child to sit still when it comes to meal time. Our options just seem so limited. If we give them a toy, they can easily throw it to the floor and demand we pick it up. If we give them an iPad, we live with the guilt of them developing a screen addiction.

@Tinyjumps on pinterest has a great idea for getting your little one to sit happily on their highchairs.

Simply fill up a ziplock bag with confetti and water, tape down the sides and then tape the entire bag to the table of their high chair. Voilà! You’ve just created a sensory board to keep your little one entertained instead of squirming all through mealtime.

As an added precaution, double bag the ziplock bag so that tiny fingers will not accidentally pop the bag and cause confetti and water to spill all over.


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