Why is gaining early industrial exposure necessary?

Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is increasingly transforming and interconnecting the ways we live, work, play and learn in a world of cyber-physical systems.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)?
The concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was first introduced by Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum in 2015. It describes the current developing environment in which disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work.

How does 4IR affect the way we educate our children?
The advancement in technologies brought on by 4IR is fundamentally disrupting the business landscape and consequently the types of workforce skills demanded by the various industries.

But our education system is not keeping up to pace. The current pre-schools, primary & secondary schools and tertiary institutions, with existing teaching methods and curricula, may not be able to equip our children with emerging digital technical skills and enduring generic human capabilities needed to solve the 21st century cyber-physical real-world complex problems driven by 4IR in the Future of Work.
As parents, it is thus pertinent to invest in our children from an early age with the industry exposure that inducts them to the careers they may be interested in, and also position them in a timely fashion to strategically seize the golden job opportunities that come along in the Future of Work.
Want to learn more? Reach out to us! Mind & Hand is an EduTech platform that partners both educational industry players and private sector business employers to offer our students programmes that keep pace with technological change and that are relevant to the industry. We hope to empower our students with the skills, confidence and perspective to navigate the global skills crisis and prepare them for a workplace of the future.

By Jonathan Lee–
Jonathan is a proud parent of two and he is a fervent advocate of future-ready education


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